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Chairman of the student council

Larisa Bulkina

1. General management of the student council;
2. Appointment and removal from office of the heads of departments of the student council;
3. Development of the concept of work of the student council;
4. Control of the quality of work performed by departments of the student council;
5. Performance of representative functions in organizations of various levels.

Deputy chairman
council of students

Anna Loseva

1. Replacement of the chairman if necessary;
2. Ombudsman of the student society:
    a. Protection of the rights and interests of students,
    b. Control of justice

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Head of the department of mass communication, PR and secretariat

Valery Dergoer

1. Keeping current documentation of the student council;
2. Communication with the student community of the Institute;
3. Dissemination of information about events 
    Institute among the public of the city;
4. PR-marketing;
5. Preparation of posters and advertising print;
6. Moderation of Internet student communities 

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Chairman of the Department of Culture and Leisure

Yulia Pshenichna

1. Organization and holding of holidays;
2. Organization and holding of entertainment events at the Institute and between higher education institutions;
3. Volunteer trips to orphanages and shelters for the elderly;
4. Organization of material and humanitarian aid for ATO participants, disabled children, orphans, children from low-income families, etc.;
5. Organization of eco-actions and animal care.

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Chairman of the hostel

Deborah Abolyanina

1. Resolving housing and household and communal issues;
2. Compilation and observance of the "Cohabitation Code";
3. Organization of holidays and mass events on the territory of the hostel;
4. Keeping current hostel documentation.

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Chairman of the Sports and Health Department

Andrey Yavorskyi

1. Organization of sports events and sections;
2. Conducting informative activities on involvement in a healthy lifestyle.

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