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History of the institute

1995 marked the beginning of the activity of the women's pedagogical school, founded by the All-Ukrainian Jewish Charitable Cultural and Educational Fund "Or-Avner "Chabad Lubavitch".

At Istokov    sozdaniya schools   stood the chairman of the Or-Avner "Chabad Lyubavych" Foundation Mr. Levyc Levyc-550787 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Chairman of the Council of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine Rabbi Meir Stambler and  Chief Rabbi of Dnipropetrovsk Shmuel Kaminetsky.

 Karl Veniaminovich Blyakher became the first director of the women's pedagogical school.

​         Торжественная церемония открытия училища состоялась in September 1995. The honor of cutting the ribbon at  his opening was given to the respected Ms. Hana Levaeva, the mother of the founder of the Or-Avner Chabad Lubavitch Foundation, whose blessed name our institute bears.  

      The first graduation of students took place in V. 40 young teachers trained to work in schools where children studied Hebrew and Jewish traditions.

      Already in 1998, the college received a license from the Ministry of Education of Ukraine for the training of musical pedagogic teachers for kindergartens. and upbringing"

         В 1998 г._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ on the basis of the Women's Pedagogical School "Bet-Khana" the Educational Resource Center "IAALE" was created для детей, с особыми  потребностями, который за годы работы предоставил  помощь  более 400 детям и их to parents

         В 2000 г._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ with the support of the World ORT Union   the Information Technology Center was opened.

         2003 г.– Женское педагогическое "Beit-Hana" school was renamed to "Beit-Hana" Women's Pedagogical College and  became a source of pedagogical personnel for the Ukrainian education system, including for schools and kindergartens with the study of Hebrew.

    In 2004, a large-scale educational project was founded in the college, with the assistance of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine, which was named "Beyahad" (translated from Hebrew - "together"), so  the college becomes an educational and methodological center for the majority of Jewish institutions of secondary and preschool education in Ukraine, with in-depth study of Hebrew, traditions and history of the Jewish people.

    2005 - with the aim of introducing graduate training of specialists, the educational complex "Crimean State Humanitarian University - Women's Pedagogical College "Bet-Hana" was created, thanks to which the idea bachelor's degree - specialist - master's degree, for  college students received a real embodiment.

    А уже в 2007 г. колледж   получил   лицензии МОН Украины _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_to prepare specialists of the educational and qualification level "bachelor" in specialties 6.010101 "Preschool education" and 6.010102 "Primary education" and in 2010 the first batch of bachelors took place.

      В 2010 г.  был осуществлён _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_the first set of men's group  for the correspondence department.

      2011 – received licenses for training foreign citizens in basic specialties, as well as for admission to higher education educational institutions of Ukraine. This meant that the College became a higher educational institution that trained teaching staff not only for Ukraine, but also for the whole world.

   In the same year, the Women's Pedagogical College "Beit Hana" was transformed into the "International Humanitarian and Pedagogical Institute "Beit Hana", which "Beit Khana International Humanitarian and Pedagogical Institute" was entered.

  2013 г. –  институт  получил лицензию МОН Украины на  подготовку бакалавров по специальностям 6.030103 « Practical psychology", 6.030504 "Economics of the enterprise", which significantly expanded the scope of educational services. In the same year, the Institute received a license from the Ministry of Education and Culture of Ukraine for the preparation of Ukrainian and foreign citizens   for admission to higher education institutions.

  2014 – the All-Ukrainian scientific and practical seminar for workers of Jewish educational institutions on the topic "Modern Jewish school: traditions, innovations, prospects" was held at the institute. The first issue of the scientific and practical journal   of the Institute "Jewish Knowledge" was also timed to this event.

​    2017 was marked by the opening of the social and educational project of the Institute of Non-formal Education provided to parents by the "Institute of Higher Education". The mission of the project was personal development, satisfaction of a wide range of educational and cultural needs of people of the third age. Since the beginning of the project, more than 50 participants have attended lectures by the Institute's leading teachers on pedagogy, psychology, sociology, philosophy, and Jewish tradition.

    In the same year, the Institute received the Certificate of State Registration of the Printed Media Collection of Scientific Works. Contemporary studies in pedagogy and psychology.

      In 2018 – the Institute received the License of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Ukraine for the preparation of masters in the field of primary education 013; 053 Psychology. This gave the opportunity to college graduates with the qualification "junior specialist" and a bachelor's degree at the Institute.

   In the same year, the joint educational program of the Higher Education Institution "International Humanitarian and Pedagogical Institute "Beit Khana" and Academic Pedagogical College "Orot Israel" came into effect ( Israel, Elkana) "Teacher of the Diaspora". The purpose of the program is to obtain additional qualifications for students of the Institute and the right to work as a teacher in the countries of the Diaspora.


Over the years of the Institute's activity, more than 800 students have been graduated, who work in the education system of Ukraine, neighboring and foreign countries.

Director of the Jewish Women's Pedagogical School 
09/01/1995  - to 06/21/1999 
A - Ольшаницкая.jpg
Acting director 
Женского педагогического 
Beth Hana College
from 20.08.1999- until 14.06.2011 
Женского педагогического 
Beth Hana College
from 03/14/2011 to 08/29/2012 
I. o. Rector of the International Humanitarian and Pedagogical Institute "Beit Khana"
from 30.08.2012 to February 2017
Rector of the Institute of Higher Education International Humanitarian and Pedagogical Institute "Beit Khana"
since February 2017 - until now
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