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Department of natural science training

The main task of the department of natural science training is to expand and deepen the knowledge of applicants for higher education in the disciplines of fundamental scientific training, as a necessary component of professional and scientific research activities; formation of the ability of future teachers and psychologists to use information and communication technologies in professional and scientific activities, organization and implementation of distance learning technologies, innovative technologies of psychological assistance. Отдельной задачей cafedry is the implementation of methodical and consulting support of the institute's teachers in improving informational competence.

The main disciplines taught by the department are:

New information technologies Informatics * (Information technologies and technical tools) Basics of computer science and computer applications in psychology

Psychological aspects of PR technologists



Preschool linguistic education 

Basics of inclusive education

Ukrainian language (by professional direction)

Mathematics (algebra and principles of analysis, geometry)

Mathematical methods in psychology

Geography Defense of the Fatherland *(Fundamentals of medical knowledge)

Fundamentals of pathopsychology

Basics of psychocorrection


Psychology of conflict

Workshop on group psychocorrection Art therapy

Modern theories of profound psychological


Physiology and hygiene of children of preschool age



Special psychology

Physiology of the central nervous system and higher nervous activity

Age physiology and valeology

Fundamentals of human biology and genetics Fundamentals of medical knowledge

Biology and ecology



Alina Teplitskaya

Head of the department, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences

Кузнєцова Таїс Анатолівна.jpg

Tais Kuznetsova

 Specialist of the highest category,

Methodist teacher


Halyna Drymko

Teacher, specialist 
And categories

Карасьов Г.Г..jpg

Viktor First

Andrey Kargapolov

Doctor of Medical Sciences

Candidate of technical sciences

Ханкін Є.Н..jpg

Євгеній Ханкін

Викладач, спеціаліст вищої категорії

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