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International Humanitarian and Pedagogical Institute "Beit Khana" was founded in 1995 year with the goal of providing the Jewish education system in Ukraine with pedagogical personnel. Over 20 years of activity, Beit Khana Educational Institution has trained more than 800 educators and teachers for Jewish kindergartens and general education schools in Ukraine, the CIS countries, Moldova and the Baltic States.

Today, the institute trains bachelors and junior specialists in the specialties "Primary Education", "Preschool Education", "Economics", "Psychology". "Beit-Khana" is the only university in Ukraine with a Jewish ethno-national component in education, which has a state license and accreditation. In the near future of the institute, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine will approve new bachelor's training programs ("English language and literature, second language - Hebrew", "Design") and M. Ed programs. (The Master of Education) in the specialties "Primary education", "Preschool education".

A unique environment for obtaining high-quality modern education has been created at the "Beit-Khana" Polytechnic.

studying the spiritual heritage of the Jewish people and the personal growth of students.

Welcome speech of the president of the institute

Throughout the ages, the task of education has been central to the value system of Judaism and, of course, to every Jewish family. In recent decades, the problems of female education have become especially relevant.


Looking back, you realize that our life is not just a chain of coincidences, that all of us - both people and events - are part of a single plan of the Most High. After the fall of the Iron Curtain on the territory of the former Soviet Union, the attention of an outstanding Jewish spiritual leader, the Lubavitcher Rebbe Menachem-Mendel Schneerson, to Eastern Europe was not accidental. After all, Ukraine is the family of Hasidism, the land that gave our long-suffering people many righteous men and sages. Of all the spiritual leaders of Judaism of the last century, Rabbi Menachem-Mendl Schneerson felt the greatest sympathy with the fate of the Jews of the Soviet Union, and paid special attention to them. Generations of his ancestors lived in the Russian Empire,


And the Lubavitcher Rebbe himself spent twenty-two years of life in Ukraine. His father, the outstanding Kabbalist Levi-Yitzhak Schneerson, was Chief Rabbi of Dnipropetrovsk for thirty years, until his arrest in 1939 year. The Seventh Lubavitcher Rebbe himself, being a graduate of the Yekaterinoslav Gymnasium, preserved the Russian language for the rest of his life and used it in the 1980s when addressing Soviet Jews.


The man who stood at the beginning of the revival of Jewish education in Ukraine was the founder of the Or-Avner Chabad Lubavitch charitable cultural and educational fund, Mr. Levy Levaev, who did a lot to establish a network of Jewish schools and kindergartens. And since there is an education system, it needs personnel. Thus, in 1995 year, the Women's Pedagogical School "Beit Hana" was created, which became the first Jewish university in Ukraine.

Over eighteen years of educational activity, "Beit Khana", having passed the way from a school to a college, and then to an institute, trained more than 700 teachers and educators for the Jewish education system of Ukraine, the CIS countries, Moldova and the Baltic States. About four hundred graduates of the institute work in their specialty in the cities of Ukraine, Israel, the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Moldova, and Uzbekistan.


We have achieved a lot today, but there is still more to be done. We strive to ensure that female students have the opportunity to receive a Jewish education with a bachelor's and master's degree; so that every girl could choose a specialty in "Beit Hana" in accordance with her requests and needs: humanitarian, economic, legal...

Everyone who is related to the activities of the Higher Education Institution "Beit Khana International Humanitarian and Pedagogical Institute" - students, teachers and employees - are recognized as participants in a project that has no analogues in the history of Jewish education. And we have never been so close to the ideal, to what a similar educational institution can be - its image, its concept of education, its internal structure. "Beit Hana" is an example of success, an example of the prosperity of Jewish educational institutions all over the world.

Remember this, appreciate it, be proud of it, constantly improve yourself and do not deviate from the beautiful, responsible and noble path that you once chose for yourself.

Rabbi Meir Zvi Stambler

President of the Higher Education Institution "Beit Khana International Humanitarian and Pedagogical Institute"

Administration of the institute

Meir Zvy Stambler

President of the institute

Rimma Semenovna

Rector of the institute

Sarah Stumbler

Director of the institute

Maryna Vitalyevna

Vice-rector for academic work

Alina Alexandrovna Teplitskaya

Vice-rector for economics

Vladimir Nikolaevich 

Acting the director of the college

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