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Structure of the University "Beit Khana International Humanitarian and Pedagogical Institute"

1. Rectorate.

1.1. President of the institute.

1.2. Rector of the institute.

1.3. Vice-rector for educational and methodological work.

1.4. Vice-rector for educational work.

2. Departments.

2.1. Department of Humanitarian and Socio-Economic Training.

2.2. Department of natural science training.

2.3. Department of Pedagogy and Psychology.

3. Humanitarian college.

4. Correspondence department.

5. Scientific and methodological department.

6. Admissions committee.

7. Department of pre-university training.

7.1. Preparation of foreign citizens for admission to higher education institutions.

7.2. Preparation of citizens of Ukraine for admission to higher education institutions.

8. Library.

9. Student council.

10. Methodical center "Beyahad".

11. Personnel department.

12. Administrative and economic part.

13. Financial and economic management.

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