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Educational resource center "Maale"

The Educational Resource Center of the IAALE Foundation for Children with Special Needs (ORC) was created in September 1998 as part of the KEGILA project and the cooperation of the Jewish community of Boston, MA (USA) and the Beit Hana Women's Pedagogical College. » (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine).

The philosophy of the creators of this project is the confidence that ALL CHILDREN CAN LEARN! This multi-cultural a project for all children of Ukraine who need our help!


ORC was created for children with severe forms of disability who did not attend other educational institutions at that time.

 Children with complex diagnoses come to the Resource Center - cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, hydrocephalus, autism, genetic pathologies, various degrees of mental and mental retardation.


The educational resource center defines for itself the following areas of work:

- improving the quality of life of a child with special needs;

- protection and representation of one's interests in various social spheres of life;

- the creation of a social rehabilitation structure capable of realizing socialization opportunities for a child with special needs;

- physical, emotional, sensory, motor, intellectual and psychological development of children with special needs;

- creation of activity zones, as recognized as the most effective and pedagogically correct method of organizing the learning space, stimulating imagination and motivating cognitive activity;

- the "Hand in Hand" program, which includes support for parents of the center's students;

- professional development of ORC employees, conducting methodical seminars, video conferences with our foreign partners, exchange of experience with colleagues from Ukraine);

- organization of the work of the educational and practical base for female students  "International Humanitarian and Pedagogical Institute of the Beit Khana Institute", Dnipropetrovsk National University named after O. O. -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Honchara, Dnipropetrovsk University named after Alfred Nobel;

- work with representatives of the public and mass media to popularize programs of inclusive education and form a positive attitude among citizens of Ukraine towards people with special needs.

The Resource Center has a sensory room. It contains functional toys and equipment that help children acquire the experience of sensory perception. Soft chairs, music, sounds of nature, the starry sky, therapeutic films and special simulators give the child a world of unique sensations, contribute to the acquisition of sensory experience and the development of the senses!

ORC is a center for support, training and social rehabilitation of families. , so that they can cope with any problem in their family and outside it. We strive to fully integrate the families of our students into the life of modern society.

Special programs are organized for parents in the ORC. Psychotherapy classes and "Conscious Parenting" trainings are held regularly, "Tea Club" and gymnastics classes "Play-stick" are open. Every week, the women's group meets on the programs of the international movement of Jewish women "Kesher".


Our program of work with parents helps them develop advocacy skills, helps them learn their rights and represent their children's interests.


The educational resource center is a wonderful laboratory for students of the Beit Khan International Humanitarian and Pedagogical Institute, where they can learn pedagogical experience in working with children with special needs. Female students of the institute attend a specialized course on correctional pedagogy throughout the entire period of training and gain in-depth knowledge of methods of diagnosis and training of special children.

A special place in work with children is occupied by areas of work such as isotherapy, music and zootherapy. Children are happy to "communicate" with rabbits and birds, watch bright fish in the aquarium!


An incredible therapeutic effect is provided by the students of isotherapy classes! Children see the result of their creativity, feel themselves involved in the creative process and are therefore always positive! An exhibition of bright children's works is a matter of pride for parents and the authors themselves!


A charge of fun and cheerfulness, the desire to sing along and sing along is born in children at music classes in our center!

Currently, ORC is a resource and consultation center that provides assistance to more than 60 families, shares information, technologies, experience and methods of teaching children with special needs, and also helps future teachers and psychologists to gain knowledge and prepare for work with such children

ORC realizes the opportunity for children with special needs and their family members to fully participate in the life of Ukrainian society!

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