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Reception committee

Responsible secretary of the admission committee: 

Iryna Valentinovna Fedorenko

Contact numbers:

+38 (056) 717-70-34; 

+38 (056) 717-70-35;

+38 (093) 772-69-01;

+38 (050) 717-21-84;

+38 (096) 528-06-50.

Fax:+38 (056) 717-70-36


Working time: Monday - Fri. Sun. from 09.00 to 16.00




The list of documents required for submission to the admissions committee:

  • a document on previously received education and an appendix to it;

  • 8 color photographs measuring 3x4 cm;

  • passport and birth certificate; 

  • a copy of the identification number assignment certificate; 

  • extract from the work book (for correspondence form of education); 

  • a document confirming the special status of a person;

  • NMPT certificate


The list of documents required for submission to the reception committee by foreign citizens:

  • questionnaire of the established sample; 

  • a copy of the document on education and obtained grades in academic disciplines; 

  • medical certificate on health status certified by the official health authority of the country from which the foreigner arrived and issued no later than two months before entering Ukraine for study; 

  • insurance policy for the provision of emergency medical assistance (except for foreigners arriving from countries with which agreements on the provision of free emergency medical assistance have been concluded); 

  • copy of birth certificate; 

  • 6 photos measuring 60x40 mm.; 

  • return ticket with an open date of return to the family for up to one year.​

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