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Email address of the admissions

You can get more detailed information and answers to all questions by mail, by mail or by phone.
Our coordinates: Ukraina, 49008, Dnipro, square Uspenskaya, 5D.
Phone: (056) 717-70-34, 717-70-35,) 096-528-06-50

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After graduating from BEIT-KHANA Higher Secondary School, graduates receive diplomas of the state model, which are recognized in 46 countries - participants of the Bologna process, as well as by the Ministry of Israel.



MGPI "Beit Khana" offers:
• quality education;
• grants for education;
• participation in educational trips to Europe;

• language and educational practice in Israel;
• receiving a second higher education (at Beit-Khana Institute of Higher Education or another Ukrainian higher education institution) without separation from training in the main specialty at the institute on preferential terms;
• studying Hebrew, traditions and history of the Jewish people,
• comfortable accommodation and food;
• help in employment and post-diploma support.

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