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Department of pedagogy and psychology

The main task of the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology is the organizational, pedagogical, methodological and scientific support for the implementation of the preparation of applicants for higher education at the first (bachelor) and second (master) levels of higher education in the educational and professional programs of Elementary education (specialty 013) and Psychology (specialty 053 psychology), as well as the first (bachelor) level of higher education in the educational and professional program Preschool Education (specialty 012 Preschool Education).

In the course of training, applicants must be prepared to solve professional tasks in the field of preschool and primary education and psychology, as well as research activities in the field of pedagogy and psychology; design, organization, implementation and assessment of the results of professional activity and scientific research in the field of preschool, primary education and psychology using modern methods of science, as well as information and innovation technologies; organization of interactions with colleagues, interactions with social partners, including foreign ones, search for new social partners; using the available opportunities of the environment and designing new conditions, including information ones, for solving professional and research problems; the implementation of professional and personal self-education, the design of a further educational route and professional career, participation in experimental work.

On the basis of the department of pedagogy and psychology, lectures are held in the social and educational project"University of Parent Education".

The main disciplines taught by the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology are:

Psychology (general)

Children's psychology



Psychological diagnostics

Psychology of children's creativity

Pedagogical creativity

Methods of teaching psychology

Differentiated psychology

Experimental psychology

Age psychology

Pedagogical psychology

Social psychology

Comparative psychology,

Methodological and theoretical problems of psychology 

Sports psychology 

Management psychology 

Basics of psychological counseling 

Psychology of crisis states

Theory and method of musical education

Personality psychology 



Psychology of creative activity 

Basics of psychotherapy 

Gender psychology

Psychology of personnel activity

Psychology of deviant behavior

Basics of inclusive education

Age psychology

Fundamentals of psychodiagnostics

Pedagogical psychology

General basics of pedagogy

Theory and method of education


Pedagogical technologies in primary school

School education

History of pedagogy

Basics of pedagogical creativity

Basics of pedagogical research

Inclusive education

There are 15 members of the scientific and pedagogical staff, including:

- 5 professors, associate professors;

- 5 candidates of sciences;

- 2 teachers of the highest category, a method teacher;

- 1 teacher of the 1st category;

- 2 teachers of the II category;

Якимчикас Є.В..jpeg
Бакуліна Наталія Валеріївна.jpg

Stanislav Sapozhnikov
Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor,
the head of the department

Maryna Kidalova
candidate of psychological sciences,  teacher of the department

Rimma Aronova
Candidate of pedagogics 
sciences,associate professor of the department

Natalya Bakulyna
Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, teacher of the department

Гмиріна О.І..jpeg

Олександра  Гмиріна
Кандидат психологічних наук, викладач кафедри


Oksana Bazylevskaya
Pedagogical candidate
Sciences, teacher of the department


Daria Barkova
Specialist II 
category, teacher of the department

Пеня В..jpeg

Вікторія Величко
Викладач кафедри

Осадченко І.jpeg

Інна Осадченко
Доктор педагогічних наук, професор кафедри


Тетяна Перепелюк
Кандидат психологічних наук, доцент, професор кафедри

Крівко С.А..jpg

Світлана Кривко
Спеціаліст вищої категорії, викладач кафедри

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