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Beit Khana International Humanitarian and Pedagogical Institute
(International Humanitarian Pedagogical Institute "Beit-Hana"; 
Beit Khana International Humanitarian and Pedagogical Institute) – 
высшее учебное заведение II увена акредитации 
(License of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine AE No. 285159)

VISION: the institute consists in the formation of conditions for personal goal-setting of project-cultural collective-distributed activities with the mediation of education - goal-setting in relation to the processes of globalization and regionalization on the planet and in Ukraine; in the formation of professional competence of future specialists in accordance with the requirements of real employers and stakeholders, implementation of the conditions of professional training and assistance in the employment of graduates, continuous professional consulting support in the growth of a teacher and psychologist as a specialist of the 21st century.

The MISSION of the institute is to further improve the person, provide the conditions and mechanisms for the school to fully reveal and increase the cultural potential of society, improving the mechanisms of the organization of personalized intellectual evolution, continuously modernizing the tools for the disclosure and self-realization of the individual in accordance with individual capabilities and in relation to universal, world, universal processes ; in the further development and improvement of educational and professional programs from specialized (specialty) training of highly qualified workers in accordance with the requirements of ensuring the quality of education in the European educational space and creating future education through the acquisition of wisdom and observance of the best ethnocultural traditions.


- philo-centrism and tolerance on a humanistic basis;

- democracy combined with education;

- scientific and academic virtue;

- leadership, association and student self-government;

- innovative and creative development;

- motivation creates good for all subjects of the educational process;

-Transparency and openness of all procedures and directed activities of the Institute

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