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Access to public information

Higher educational institution "International Humanitarian and Pedagogical Institute "Beit-Khana" (ZVO MGPI "Beit-Khana") provides public information guided by the Law of Ukraine "On Access to Public Information" and the Decree of the President of Ukraine "Issues of Ensuring Access to Public Information by Executive Authorities" ".

Provision of public information in ZVO MGPI "Beit Khana" is carried out in response to an information request.

According to the law, public information is displayed and documented by any means and on any media, which was received or created in the process of the subjects of authority performing their duties, provided for by the current legislation, or which is in the possession of the subject objects of power.

A request from a person to receive information is submitted in an arbitrary form. At the same time, it is absolutely necessary to specify:

1. Name and surname of the requester, postal address or e-mail address, as well as telephone number;
2. Description of the information that the requester would like to receive (type, name, details or content of the requested document);
3. Signature and date.

In order to simplify the procedure for issuing written requests for information, a person can submit a request by filling out the appropriate information request forms:

- from an individual (sample);

- from a legal entity (sample);

- from associations of citizens (sample);

- form for submitting an information request in electronic form (sample).

Postal address of ZVO MGPI "Beit-Khana" for submitting an information request:

Dnipro, square Uspenska, 5D, 49044, to the person responsible for information requests (indicate Public Information on the envelope);

phone: (056) 717-70-34; fax: (056) 717-70-36;

Provisions on ensuring access to public information at the "Beit-Khana" Higher Education Institution.

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